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From: Robb M
Subject: Chelsea & Brit part 4For lolita girls in panties
mature audiences only.The fourth chapter in this series…
The weeks after Michele told us about getting pregnant by her brother
Jason, everything seemed to go wrong. Living in a fairly small community,
news gets around fast and Shauna’s pregnancy was the talk of the town,
although the father was little nude lolitas killed left out of the story. Besides a select few people,
the incest was kept top angels list lolita secret. Since the news was out about Shauna, my life
seemed to get ls lolita pictures preteen worse by the day. I was having a horrible time at
softball. My parents were on my case about everything and anything and even
Brit was acting totally different to me. We didn’t have any top angels list lolita intimacy
between us. A simple kiss felt like a chore to her. Just about every time I
went looking for her, she was ‘over Shauna’s house.’ I found a friend in
Michele more than anyone else. Although, I think she was more interested in
me than just being friends. She seemed to know when Brit was with Shauna
and made sure that I knew it as well. I think it was Michele’s way of
trying to have me dump Brit for her. Michele was attractive in her own way,
but Brit and I shared something more… something special that Michele
could never give me.One day late in the spring I was having the worse day of my life. I got
into a fight with my mom over something stupid. The Florida rain was
especially harsh and I wasn’t dressed for it and my coach chewed me a new
one saying I wasn’t into playing anymore. I was very upset. I needed
Brit… and bad. I needed her comfort and understanding. Since I didn’t see
Brit child preteens lolitas raygold all day, I went looking for her. Conveniently, I found Michele models lolitas photo gallery and
begged her to tell me where Brit was. Seeing me in my troubled state, she
told me that she went home… but.. lollita nymphet girl vaginas but… she never got to little nude lolitas killed finish her
explanation as I flew over to Brit’s house. Maybe I should have
listened… Since I had my own key to Brit’s house I let myself in and went
running to her room only to be slammed into the wall as I opened her door.Right before my eyes was Shauna’s brother Jason’s naked ass pumping between
Brit’s legs. great lolita bbs elwebbs
Jason was fucking MY Brit! I went numb. I stared at the
grotesque sight before me. I couldn’t believe my lover, my soul mate; my
life was being fucked by the seed that got his sister pregnant. I could
barely hear Brit’s screams underneath Jason as he was aggressively fucking
my girlfriend…his cock was fucking Brit furiously. I couldn’t take it! I
couldn’t watch his cock slide into MY lover… It was too much. In a
seriously dizzy mode, I turned to leave the house and I fell into the
doorway my brother paulolino basa making a loud noise that caught the attention of Jason and
Brit. Brit’s eyes met mine. In a sense of guilt and fear, her eyes told me
the story. I got up and flew out of the house to her screams of my name. I
was so dizzy that I fell twice out in the yard and driveway. I saw Jason
come running out of the house heading the other direction. I ran all the
way home. I couldn’t make sense of life at all. I was totally lost. My
world came crashing down on me.I sat in my room and avoided Brit’s calls. I wanted to just run away. I
needed to get away… and finally decided what I was going to do. I packed
my backpack and left the house. I did have an idea of where I was going,
but lollita nymphet girl vaginas how I was going to get there was another thing… I didn’t care.I was down by the local store as Michele was just walking out. She called
to me. I ignored her and walked away. I was so mad at her that I didn’t
want to look at her for fear that I might do something. Catching up to me
she tried talking to me. She apologized for the fact that she knew Brit was
with Jason. In almost a ‘I told you so’ attitude, she went to tell me that
this was the second time that they two of them had sex.’Twice?!?!’ I muttered to myself in a really bad state of mind.Michele wanted to comfort me far more than I wanted her. She suggested
coming to her house for a while. That was it… I couldn’t stand it, I
turned and punched her right in the face. The anger and fury let loose as I
connected with another punch and then a third all to her face. Shocked,
Michele started to fight back, but I was erupting like a volcano and I
spewed punch after punch connecting almost every time. When I finally
knocked on the ground, I stopped realizing that I was just in a fight. I
told her that I was leaving for California and to leave me alone. I ran
from lolita young girl tits her heading to the bus depot. Since I had saved up plenty of money, I
could bus it over to California… might take a while, but I would get
there.The bus ride was long, but I didn’t care. I only had to switch buses
twice. It gave me a lot of time to think. On the final leg of the trip I
felt an itching growing between my legs. It was a feeling that I hadn’t
felt in a while. I was still mad at the world, but great lolita bbs elwebbs I had urges that needed
fulfilling. Since the bus wasn’t full and it was nighttime, I decided to
let my hand wander to the folds lolita girls in panties between my legs. As my fingers slipped
under the cotton panties I was wearing I felt the extreme wetness. I closed
my eyes and thought back to the love making sessions Brit and I
shared. Arching models lolitas photo gallery my back to allow more access to my wet box, I pulled my
panties aside for dual hand action. I kept thinking of how good it felt to
have my pussy eaten. Even though I was pissed at her, Brit eating my pussy
was the best! She knew how to lick my clit and my brother paulolino basa tease me over and
over. Rubbing my clit, the heat was getting to me. Even though I was trying
to be quiet on the bus I could feel myself moaning louder than I should,
but I couldn’t help it. My thoughts were too deep to match my fingers and I
let go. The flood of my orgasm was intense and shattering. I was panting
hard as my eyes opened and try to focus. The woman in the next row knew
what I was doing as our eyes met. She smiled at me with a non-verbal
acceptance of my actions. In a way, I was comforted by her smile. I made it
to the thing they call a toilet in the back to clean up. From the looks of
it, the woman was the only one who knew I was busy with my fingers. I did
the best to clean myself up and made it back to my seat. Just before
sitting the woman introduced herself and innocently commented on my
playing.”I guess you love Brit very much.” She stated matter-of-factly.Hesitant and not really sure what free 3d loli pics to say, it just came out. “Yea…”She patted the seat next to her and I sat down. We made lolita young girl tits conversation and
she made me feel right at home. There was something about her that… gave
me a sense of comfort. She told me that she was on this bus many times and
she usually played with herself almost all the way. She could really get
off some nights.She told me about herself being a saleswoman for a cheap company just
outside San Francisco. She was thirty years old and lived in a small place
outside the city. I told her about myself and my relationship with Brit. I
didn’t mention my age at all. Since I was underage, but looked old enough,
I didn’t want to open something that might get me into serious trouble. I
told her how I hated the world and everything that happened… even Jason
fucking Brit in front of my eyes. She was so compassionate and very
understanding. It was amazing how good she made me feel. She even had me
feeling horny again. We chatted into the morning as we pulled into San
Francisco. It was amazing how the time passed. Getting off the bus I
suddenly realized that I honestly didn’t have anyplace to go. I briefly
thought about it when I decided to run away, but I figured that I would
just work it out when I got there. Sensing my hesitation and fear of the
big city, Kerri made yo pre teeen lolita idle chatter as we left the bus station and she
invited me to breakfast. Since she knew my story and why I was there, she
offered her apartment for me to stay until I got situated. I really didn’t
have much choice and gladly accepted her offer. Over breakfast she
explained the apartment and her lifestyle. Basically she traveled quite a
bit for her lingerie company and had little time at the apartment. I asked
her about her company, in which, she told me that she sells very seductive
panties, bras and naughty attire. Thinking about what she said had me
thinking about her. Kerri was a fairly short woman, about 5′1″tall with a
semi-athletic body. Her hair was shoulder-length, soft blonde with a
tantalizing curl in it. Her breasts looked small but very perky. I could
make out her nipples in the nice shirt yo pre teeen lolita
she was wearing.Breaking me out of my revelry of undressing her, she got up lollita nymphet girl vaginas and we headed
to her apartment. We got to her place and it was very nice, a one-bedroom
flat with a huge living room with a large sofa that I could sleep on. There
were several sexy items all over the place in a ’show-n-tell’ arrangement.I smiled at Kerri and she glowed, making no efforts to hide the erotic
clothing all around. If I wasn’t so tired, I might have asked her about
them. Exhaustion took over and we both went to bed.The first few days were quiet. She was busy a lot, cutie little lolas ilegal
giving me the place to
myself. Times when she had off time, we had fun just like sisters. She
treated me like a mature young lady and respected my privacy. A few times I
wanted to ask her about the erotic clothes from her work, but I felt that I
might take it further than either of us wanted to go.When I was on my own, I was out and about wandering the wharf and the
Golden Gate Bridge. I kept going to the bridge because it was the place
Brit and I wanted to share together. It was our fantasy place together.One morning that Kerri was actually home, we had breakfast before she was
going to work. Finishing she went into her bedroom to get ready for work. I
was on the sofa chilling out. She called out to me to give her a hand with
a knot she had in her hair. I walked into her bedroom to a very naked Kerri
standing there with a hairbrush caught in her hair. I tried to be
nonchalant about it but she was absolutely beautiful! Her small breasts
seemed to beckon any onlooker. Her 5′1″ frame was an artist dream. Her
pussy had the prettiest tuft of pubic hair just above a tightly closed set
of lips. I was in awe, not to mention that I was extremely horny. I played
with myself regularly and I could hear Kerri doing the same every so often,
which heightened my playing. But this was the first time I saw her totally
naked. I could see that she was turned on by her very piercing petite
nipples smiling at me. Through my t-shirt, I was showing my stimulation as
well. I took care of her hair and she smiled. I think we both wanted
something more, but she didn’t want to force me into anything. I hesitated
and it sent her to finish dressing.’Damn’ I thought to myself.I free nude lolitas young knew she was headed out of town for a day or so, belaying the potential
of ’something’ happening. I decided to give her something to think about
before she left. I peeled off my clothes and walked into the bathroom to
take a shower knowing that Kerri would clearly see my athletic form. Her
mouth stood agape as I took my time entering the shower. There was no doubt
that the sexual best free lolita pictures atmosphere between us could lead to real russian lolita action
something, and
soon. Unfortunately, we had to wait a day or so as Kerri yelled to me in
the shower that she was leaving. I told her that we would have to share a
bottle of wine and MORE child preteens lolitas raygold when she returned. Laughing she suggested that we
try on some of the stuff she had from work. I little lolita art bbs was so excited that I nearly
jumped out of the shower into her arms when she offered. Sticking my head
out, exposing more than my head, I told her that it was a date. She smiled
and said that she would pick up extra special stuff for us to
model. Grinning ear to ear, she made her way out the door.Well, I decided that since I was in the shower and horny as hell, I might
as well play with myself. I was already very sensitive and I could feel the
heat between my legs. My fingers found their way into my folds for
immediate intense gratification. I moaned openly as I waltzed my middle
finger over my clit. The cascading rain enhanced the pleasure over my
breasts and brought out more yearning in me. My thoughts evaporated from
Kerri and went right to Brit. I pictured showers with her and how she would
gently finger my pussy as we played in the warm water. My moaning got
louder and my fingers were moving faster. The build up of orgasmic paradise
was taking over and I was letting myself go.”Aaaaaaaaaaarrrggggggg…” I let out. models lolitas photo gallery “Oooohhhhh, yes BRIT!!!”This orgasm didn’t subside right away. It took its time as it held onto my
body through the rain of the shower into cool water. My whole body was
extremely sensitive. Finally shutting off the water and drying myself off,
I headed to get dressed. My skin was still tingling from the exquisite
sensations in the shower. I was mad at myself at getting off on thoughts of
Brit, but I could still feel my orgasm tingling my body. Flustered, my
thoughts turned to Kerri and what she could teach me. I made my way around
town, not really having a destination. Of course I was going to the
‘bridge’ like almost every day, so it wasn’t a big surprise when I found
myself sitting on a park bench overlooking the symbol of San
Francisco. Since I was so sexually charged, I wore a loose fitting top and
shorts that aloud me access to my sex. It was a cool afternoon, yet the
sun’s rays baked a nice feeling into my body. There were a few people
milling around, but I knew a nice little spot under a tree where I could
play with myself in private. I had found it a few days before and free 3d loli pics
left a
few nice little ‘puddles’ at the base of the tree. I wasn’t ready to go
there yet…I wanted to tease myself a little. Thoughts of Brit inundated
my head, like usual. I wanted her to be with me and view the sights before
me. I wanted her to enjoy my company. I wanted HER! I was pissed that she
did that to me… ME… her lover! How could she fuck Jason over me? And
twice? I came to this park to relax, not get mad… but how could I not?
Talk about being totally confused. Well, my pussy wasn’t confused…it knew
what it wanted and freely lubricated itself. It wasn’t long before I was
really worked up enough to go find my pleasure tree to enjoy my thoughts. I
started to get up but stopped as I looked over to the path facing the
bridge. I know I was really having extraordinary thoughts for Brit, but I
thought I saw her walking towards me. I shrugged it off as my mind playing
fantasy games with me. I turned to walk down the path. Something called to
me. I stopped, turned and looked again. Still off in the distance, the
figure that had looked like Brit was now walking the same path I was and
was coming closer to me.”That walk…” I muttered as I watched for another second.With droplets of juice leaking down my leg, I decided that it couldn’t be
Brit since we were so far from home. I headed down the path a little
further to hear,”Chelsea!!!”I had to stop… little nude lolitas killed That was my name and I could swear that it was Brit
calling me. I turned to see the figure now in a run coming towards me. The
afternoon sun was angled to make it difficult to see the face of the figure
coming up to me. I was confused with it being thoughts of lolita young girl tits Brit running up
to me and yet, we were so far from home. It child preteens lolitas raygold
wasn’t until she was lolita children models com 20 feet
from me that I realized it WAS Brit in a full run coming to me.I was furious! I was pissed… I was confused! I wasn’t ready for Brit. I
was still very mad and disappointed best free lolita pictures
in her.Fear won out and my anger had me run from her. I turned and headed as fast
as I could away from her down to a hidden path. Never looking back to her
cries of my name, I just ran. I didn’t stop until was a block from Kerri’s
apartment. Panting from the long run, I looked back to find no sign of
Brit. Happy, I think, I made it to the apartment, locked the door and found
a corner of the room and crawled up and cried.I must have fallen asleep in the corner as I awoke to the moon shining into
the window. Still a little groggy, I peeled off my clothes and went looking
for something to wear. I looked half-heartedly and decided to stay naked. I
looked in the mirror in Kerri’s bedroom and found my hands wondering over
my body. My nipples were standing on end. I was finding solace in touching
my body. For some reason, my body was electrified and I couldn’t explain
it. I jumped when the phone rang. It was Kerri checking in to see how I was
doing. It was amazing how she knew I was in distress. I proceeded to tell
her about Brit showing up in the park and I cried myself silly. With the
understanding of a mother, the sensitivity of a sister and the passion of a
lover, she took everything in and made me feel like gold. By the end of the
conversation I was naked on her bed with my fingers massaging my clit
vigorously. My raspy voice told her that I was playing and she told me that
she was doing the same. We both had intense orgasms shared on the phone and
I was feeling a thousand times better. We made plans to share breakfast at
the outdoor café in the morning since great lolita bbs elwebbs she would be home.I went and took a shower and enjoyed the feeling as the anger, frustration
and disappointment seem to wash top angels list lolita down the ls lolita pictures preteen
drain. I went to bed naked in
Kerri’s ultra huge bed. Of course, I was going to finger myself to
sleep…which didn’t take long as the exhaustion of the day pushed me into
a peaceful slumber.I met Kerri at the café and we embraced. We ate and talked and talked and
talked. Well, I did most of the talking and she listened. As we finished
breakfast Kerri looked up and did a double take.”UM….Chelsea…” She stuttered pointing behind me to the park across the
way.I turned looking. In my amazement, there was a huge hot air balloon
coasting softly over the park facing the ocean. It was incredibly
beautiful. The picturesque scene was mesmerizing. Then I saw the banner
hanging on the basket under the balloon.’Chelsea, I am sorry!’”Brit” was all I said.Holding my shoulders and softly making lolita girls in panties me feel comfortable, Kerri leaned
into me and said that it was a very nice gesture.Confusion flooded me again… This time it had little lolita art bbs a tinge of guilt mixed
in. It was something special, but I was still so mad at Brit…at least, I
thought I was. I was still…well…confused.After staring for about fifteen minutes, lolita girls in panties we walked back to the
apartment. Kerri talked like a big sister and made me feel good about
myself. I told her how Brit’s family was extremely wealthy and her dad was
a predominate member in the sport’s world. So, the balloon thing was not
out of her reach, but it was the first time she ever did something this
big. No matter what I was thinking and getting mad, Kerri turned it right
around and made it into a positive. Somehow, I think Kerri wanted me to
find love back in Brit’s arms.We got back to the apartment and Kerri took a nap while I pondered my
confused state. As mad as I was when I came to San Francisco, I was finding
it hard to get mad anymore. And I owed that to Kerri. There was just
something she did to me that made me feel great about myself. I fell asleep
on the sofa.Later in the day we models lolitas photo gallery went shopping and had fun. My mind went back to the
thoughts of the balloon and Brit’s apology. We found ourselves back at the
apartment just after an early dinner. For some reason, Kerri seemed
very… frisky. Well, more like very horny and I was picking up on it. We
were barely in the door when Kerri suggested we model some of the naughty
outfits from her company. And she did emphasize ‘Naughty’. I agreed
excitedly. I was horny too and I guess I needed some ‘relief’.As if completely natural, we both got undressed and walked around
nonchalantly. Kerri gathered a few items for each of us to try while I
turned on the baseball game. The Giants were at home playing the
Marlins. Kerri gave me a very sheer pair of lace thong panties and a bra
with no cups. She was already wearing a red one-piece string outfit that
looked like dental floss that went from her breasts, down into her pussy
and around the inside crack of her ass. I was stunned at her beauty in the
outfit. I got mine on and I felt extremely sexy. It was so hot and I was
definitely leaking fluids from below. I was getting so aroused that I
wanted Kerri…in the back of my head I wanted Brit to see the
outfit. Kerri was dancing around playing with her breasts sensually. I
decided to make the move and I went to embrace Kerri sensually. Our bodies
meshed together and I felt the moan escape from her. I was about to kiss
her when I turned to the TV to see Brit in the Giant’s dugout. I whipped
Kerri around to show her. She stood in absolute amazement as Brit was
holding a sign saying ‘Please talk to me Chelsea!’ right next to Barry
Bonds.I burst into tears. It was everything within me melting away. My Brit had
found a way to really effect me and she hit it on the nail. San Fran…the
bridge, the balloon and now my ultimate favorite team and she was in the
dugout.I stood crying in Kerri’s arms. She kissed me very passionately and told me
not to move. A few minutes later she returned and dressed me in shorts and
a t-shirt over the outfit I was wearing. She did the same and we were
running out the door to meet a child preteens lolitas raygold
friend of hers that was taking us to the
ballpark. The long ride to the ballpark, I was silent gathering my
thoughts. We arrived at the park and Kerri got us into the stadium
somehow… This woman had connections as I found myself in the offices of
the stadium.She sat me in a chair in the huge office and told me to wait. Thoughts were
flooding my mind and I wasn’t sure I could handle them all. Confusing!!! I
had lost track of time as I sat waiting for… Brit. When the door swung
open, the first and foremost thought to hit me was love. Nothing was said
for sometime as we stared at each other. Brit was afraid of me… very
afraid. Even though I had the anger and frustration inside, they were
staying put for now. Closing the door, Kerri left us alone. I wanted to hug
her so bad, but I was not making the first move. I wanted her to breakdown
first. Like she had done in the top angels list lolita past, she read my eyes and walked over to
give me a hug. I didn’t want to participate but I couldn’t hold out, I
really cared too much. I brought my arms around her. She was shaking so bad
and crying profusely. I had never, ever seen Brit in this state. It was
actually scaring me. She was shaking so bad that she couldn’t hold on to
me. I started to think she was having a nervous breakdown. I had to get her
to sit down… Bringing her to a sofa in the office we sat. I was distant
to her, but I was just being reserved. Before I could get a word out
edgewise, Brit filled me in on the horrible sight that forced me to
run. free 3d loli pics
She went on for twenty minutes without a breath practically, to
explain the whole story of what happened with her and Jason. She told me
everything from the first horrible time to the time I walked in and caught
her getting fucked. She was so afraid of her true feelings for me that she
confided in Shauna to help her understand. Simply put, Shauna used her
badly!I didn’t know what to think. I wanted her so bad, but… I felt that I was
cheated. Yet, she was breaking down badly in front of me. My eyes swelled
up…With my wall of insecurity starting to crumble, Brit dried her eyes, put
herself together and looked me free nude lolitas young
straight in the eye.”Chelsea, I love you!”The words were truly meant. I just couldn’t hold my hesitation anymore. I
just couldn’t. I melted back into her and savored her touch. We stayed that
way for at least an hour, maybe more as the warmth of Brit’s love melted
the ice within me. A very slight sense of doubt was in the very back of my
mind, but it stayed there as I found that my true heart feelings for Brit
were now escaping.Eventually we went to find Kerri who was talking to a man in the hall. As
if nothing ever happened, Kerri best free lolita pictures took us home. It was incredibly powerful
just having Kerri there. Her simple presence kept telling me that Brit
deserved a second chance. Just as we were nearing Kerri’s apartment, I
realized that Kerri and I still had the naughty clothes on underneath. My
pussy immediately turned on the faucet. I looked over at Kerri and she read
my mind with such a wicked smile. A still scared Brit sat between us and
barely moved for fear that I would run off again.We entered Kerri’s apartment and she pulled me into her bedroom and left
Brit on the sofa.”Don’t lose your chance at true love.” She told me. “Don’t make the same
mistakes I made. Everyone deserves a second chance.”Not letting me say a word, she grabbed a few things and said that she was
going over to a friend’s for the night. Out the door she went. As I watched
the door close on her sexy ass, I had to agree… she was right.I went into the living room and right up to Brit. I wanted to show her that
I cared. I pulled her up to me and brought her face to mine. Open the flood
gates, real russian lolita action I kissed her passionately, freely and without any hesitation. The
confidence between us melted together and Brit let herself into me. Brit’s
tongue parted my lips and pierced my mouth on a mission. My tongue met with
hers and we tongue-kissed delicately with arms wrapped around each
other. With sightless eyes, we lolita children models com found our path to the sofa and liquefied
onto it never breaking our tongue-lashing lip-lock. The feel of Brit’s body
on mine was only hindered by the clothing on our bodies. I needed to remedy
that right away. I pulled back from Brit, stood up and started to do a
shameful imitation of a strip tease. I wasn’t very good at it, as I was too
worked up to take my time. I shed my shirt in gradual motion, cupping my
breasts as the shirt lifted away from my body. Brit’s expression at the
naughty outfit was priceless. She playfully grabbed at my shorts but I
pulled away teasing her even further. I waltzed around the room playing
with my nipples and wiggling my ass in her face. The wanton desire in ls lolita pictures preteen
face beckoned to me to hurry up. Turning away from her, I slowly pulled my
shorts down bending as I went. I was giving her a full shot of my
naughty-panty covered ass as my shorts made it to my ankles. child preteens lolitas raygold
I danced more
with my sexy outfit salivating my audience. Peeling off the outfit, I bent
over and gave Brit full view on my prized ass. Parting it open I exposed my
sexy little rosebud and my enflamed glistening pussy lips. Her moaning was
loud and hoarse. I slipped a finger between my legs over my ass crack and
let it disappear into my pussy. I held it in there for her to enjoy as much
as I was enjoying fingering myself. I was soaking wet and it was easy to
move my finger in and out.Turning towards her I motioned that it was her turn. It was obvious that
her blood was boiling as the drool from her desiring lips beckoned me to
take her now. Just as I was going to succumb to her desire, she turned and
proceeded to do her strip tease with much more enthusiasm than I
did. Dancing to music in her head and never looking directly at me, Brit
removed her shirt and shorts in a very artistic dance, leaving her bra and
panties on. Her sheer bra didn’t hide anything, nor did her powder blue
thong panties. Her nipples stretched the material in the bra even as she
pulled it away.’I never saw her nipples so erect before.’ I thought to myself as she went
for her panties.They came off in a smooth motion reveling her clean-shaven pussy. Her pussy
lips were protruding the folds ever so slightly as if sticking a tongue out
at me. Walking away from me to a bag near the door, Brit blue teen links lolita acted innocent,
yet nervous. I couldn’t figure out what she was doing. She grabbed
something like a big picture or something… Acting all shy and hiding her
luscious body behind it, she danced back to me. I was hot and wanted to see
her body, not some stupid picture in front of it. The look of fear came
crying out of her eyes as I peered into them. Sensing something was wrong I
looked down. She had a poster of the Giants whole team hiding her body. I
gave her a sweet smile of admiration until I looked at the poster
closer… She had it signed and personalized by everyone. My pussy started
creaming profusely as I saw what she was giving me.”…a… personalized poster of the team?!?!” I babbled looking at it
intently.”Yes, I thought it would be nice for you.” She said meekly.”OMG!!!” I moaned cumming on the sofa.Beckoning her to me, she straddled my legs melting into the sofa attached
at the lips, breasts, pussy and entangled legs. In a rhythmic motion, my
sparse-hair covered pussy started humping her bare pussy. There was plenty
of lubrication emanating from both our lips making the kissing pussies
glide over each other. Moaning from both our busy lips was the only sound
in the apartment.”Oohhhhhh…”I opened my legs to allow my pussy to be fully exposed and feel the full
zeal of our pussy fucking. The reward was immediate as my folds parted
somewhat as my petite pussy lips got the taste of her gliding lips.”OOOHHH!!!” I called out.Hearing my enjoyment, Brit picked up her tempo of humping and brought down
the house with my orgasm eclipsing her moaning.”I’m cummmmmminnnnggg… Brit!!!”This brought her orgasm up as well.”Me……ttttttttooooo…”The lubrication multiplied. My whole body was lolita children models com ablaze. I could feel the
spasms in Brit’s body. She decelerated her humping and melted onto my
body. I got Brit off of me and placed her on the sofa in a provocative
position with her legs wide open and her breasts fully exposed. I quickly
ran out to the kitchen and came back with a small bowl. Very relaxed and
enjoying the moment, Brit ls lolita pictures preteen
just stared aimlessly at the ceiling. I started
with soft kisses on her cheek, neck and ears. I made my way down to her
shoulders and then to her breasts. But before I placed my lips over her
left breast, I took an ice cutie little lolas ilegal
cube in my mouth and went to suckle her
breast. The cold shock was immediate and erotic.”Ohhh… Chelsea!!!” she cooed. “You are so naughty.”I sucked on her erect nipple that was turning exceptionally red. The ice
melted quickly dribbling cold water over her mounds of sensual blue teen links lolita flesh. When
the ice melted completely, I bit down on the semi-frozen nipple to a very
pleasant cooing from Brit.”Yessssssssssssssssss…Oh…yes….”I nibbled on her left nipple for a little while as she laid back and
immersed in the sensations. Her ‘oooing my brother paulolino basa & ahhhing’ really got my best free lolita pictures blood
going that I lolita young girl tits
repeated the ice torture to her right nipple. For some reason,
her right nipple was exceedingly sensitive and she reacted with much more
raw intensity.”Oooooohhh….fuck!” she screamed.As I was draped over her body with a second ice cube in my mouth on her
super sensitive right breast, I took an ice cube in hand and glided over
her clit.”FUCK!!!” she gasped in sensitive pleasure.I coated her hot clit and pussy with the ice cube that melted very quickly.”Ohh…. Ohhh…oh…” She panted really turned on.I decided to take it one step further and took another ice lolita young girl tits cube in my
mouth, suckled her breast and with two ice cubes in my hand, I proceeded to
insert the ice into her pussy.”Yyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss… she screamed at
me.I loved it!!! It was so incredible to watch her so sexually charged from
the ice. I moved my mouth down to her frosty pussy to find a puddle of
water with a hint of pussy juice between her legs. I took the remaining ice
cubes into my mouth and went down on her pussy. It was incredible as she
arched her back, opened her legs and allowed me full access to the heaven
between. I was having a hard time managing the quickly evaporating ice in
my mouth and the vocal and sexually charged Brit. She was cumming and
cumming hard.”Fffffffuuucccckkkk…. Yeeeeeeeeeessssssss…. Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrggg….”He pussy was pulsing to the vehement orgasm and the ice treatment. It was a
thing of beauty as she gave me everything in her overwhelming orgasm. I was
in total bliss.Another small wave came over Brit as I licked the tip of her engorged clit.”Oh, oh!!! Ohhhh…”There was something in the way she was positioned on the sofa, so
vulnerable to me, that brought my mind to peace with our intimate
relationship. I always thought that I was truly in love with her, but models lolitas photo gallery this
experience had shown me how much I was really in love with her.Taking Brit by the hand, I led her into the bathroom for a hot shower. We
climbed into the shower and tongue fucked lolita children models com each other through the misty hot
rain. My hands gripped her delectable ass pulling her closer to me and
feeling the pleasures of her soaked body against mine. Her response was to
grip my ass and do the same. Our breasts were squashed together in a very
pleasurable free 3d loli pics condition. The sexual energy in the shower was overwhelming. It
was desire and animalistic fervor emanating from both our sex-starved
bodies.The cooling of the water was our cue to exit the shower and find the bed. I
don’t think Kerri would mind if I used her bed for this type of
activity. Only partially drying off as we made our way to the bed, Brit
took over and laid me out on the bed giving her access to my velvet sex
box. She toyed with my pubic hair threatening to shave it; which I told her
that she could sometime. It sounded erotic to have Brit shave my pussy. Her
fingers danced over my mound and through my folds. She was blowing wisps of
air over my clit as she opened my flower. The tips of her fingers were
tracing my juice-ladened lips from my clit all the way between my legs into
my ass. I moaned at her playful toying. It was so nice to have her doing as
she pleased to me. I closed my eyes and let her take me; and she did.Bringing her nose down into my pussy, she nuzzled my lips up till her mouth
engulfed my throbbing clit.”Mmmmmmmmm…”With her free hands she slid a finger from each hand into my velvet walls
all the way up to a knuckle. Her fingers were flickering inside me as she
sucked on my button. It was intense and numbing at the same time. I kept my
eyes close as my orgasm was on a rapid build. I wanted to cum hard and
flood her face with my hot milky juices. top angels list lolita Meticulously, Brit fingered my
pussy by pistoning in and out with each finger. Every so often, one finger
would curl deep and hit my spot causing me to spasm my heightened orgasm.”OOOhhhhhhhhh…fffffuuu….” I was cresting on an overwhelming orgasm.Brit was relentless as she fingered me harder. The more I screamed, the
more rapidly her fingers infiltrated my aching ruby lips.”Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggggggg…ffffffffffffffffffffffffffff…”I erupted arching my back and spewing hot cum over Brit’s face and
fingers. It felt like gallons of my hot creamy cum poured out of my
satiated pussy, but I imagine it was only a small spurt of the succulent
juice. The pique of my wave crested and started its way down on my
ultra-sensitive body and I relaxed all my muscles around Brit. She crawled
up my body and cuddled into a sleeping position in my shoulder. I just
melted into her arms and let the experience take me into slumber. A few
hours later, nature called. I made my way to the bathroom to relieve
myself. It was amazing how horny I got when I peed. I looked over on the
counter and found a little bottle that gave me a nice idea. Quickly
finishing my duty, I took the bottle, emptied a generous amount into a
small bowl and heated it up. With the warmed liquid, I went back to my
lover and sat on the edge of the bed beside her. Soaking my hands in the
fragrant oil, I proceeded to give Brit an opulent back rub with the tepid
oil. My hands glided over her soft skin my brother paulolino basa gently soaking oil into her tender
shoulders and back. I heard her mewing into the pillow from my amateurish
back massage. I couldn’t stop staring at her remarkably sexy ass. The
curves accentuated her perfectly sculpted ass into her the folds of her
legs to her pussy. I missed her shoulders a couple times as I stared at her
rump of perfection. Saturating my hands again, I moved down the small of
her back and really rubbed good bringing my face closer to posterior. Brit
was melted butter in my hands. I soaked my hands again, but this time, I
went to rubbing her ass. I was now really in heaven. I kneaded her rump
covering all of her sweet form. My fingers danced in and around the crack
over and over. The closer I got to her little rosebud, the more she
cooed. Sensing pleasure from my fingers riding into her ass, I placed my brother paulolino basa a
liberal amount of oil directly on her ass, in her crack, and rubbed down
into it hitting the pucker hole to a very loud moan. I let my fingers
linger and she moaned over and over. Accepting that she was fire hot, I
proceeded to open her ass cheeks and let my fingers tickle her spot of
pleasure.”OH!!!” she quickly called to me.Coaxing me on, I let my finger enter her ass, which it went in very
easily. Being oiled up, her ass practically sucked my whole finger into her
backside. I pumped in and out slowly, not sure if I was hurting Brit.But, I was answered immediately as she begged me for more. Which I did. I
fingered her ass quicker and deeper. The moaning and groaning was slightly
muffled into the pillow but I could tell she was on an intense orgasmic
high. I slipped and another finger hit the spot I was penetrating and her
ass seemed to want that finger as well. I let a second finger probe my
lover’s ass. It too went in without any issues and seemed to take Brit to a
different level of sexual excitement.”FUCK!” She screamed out in raw exhilaration.I probed her lolita girls in panties ass faster and faster with both fingers diving deep. My pussy
was salivating from the nurturing of my hands. I wanted to cum little lolita art bbs with Brit,
but it was too late as she let loose a tare of incredible screams.”Aaarrgggggggggggggggg, …oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh,,, mmmmmmmmmm…”This went on for over a minute and her ass seemed to suck my fingers in
further than they could go. I just held my position until Brit came
down. Seeing that she wasn’t coming down very quickly, I removed my
oil-coated fingers from her anal treasure chest. After a few moments of
bliss, she finally melted into the bed moaning how fantastic and extreme
that felt. I beamed at giving my lover such great feelings. I idly played
with my pussy, mostly rubbing my mound and pussy folds as I watched
Brit. Gaining strength, she got up and tossed me onto the bed playfully and
then mounted me in a 69. Her pussy was placed right on my mouth and her
mouth latched onto my drenched love box. Both of us nibbled and sucked on
each other playfully at first, then more sensually. It was hard to
concentrate of giving her a nice orgasm as she was doing the same to
me. Licking through the very milky cum draining from her, I focused on her
clit. Sucking the ls lolita pictures preteen
nice knob into my mouth, I proceeded to nuzzle my face
into her lips. I could feel her orgasm building as her legs clenched around
my face, but I was also losing control myself. It was a game, who was going
to make the other cum first. Foggy-focused, I let a hard licking tare lose
on her well-lubricated pussy…but that was not going to be the free nude lolitas young
case as she
found me on the edge of orgasmic paradise and she slipped a finger deep
into me bringing my eruption on first.”Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…” I screamed into her
pussy.Not stopping, she continued to finger me and suck my clit into another
wave.”OOOOOohhhhhhhhhhh….shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”I had to stop sucking as I was delirious. My whole body tensed and exploded
again and again. I went totally numb! Relaxing, Brit climbed off of me and
glowed from the orgasm she just fucked me with. Glossy-eyed and smiling, I
beckoned her to join me. She climbed into my arms and we snuggled into the
bed and fell asleep to the silence of the room…In the morning I heard Kerri come in the bedroom little nude lolitas killed with Brit and I were in
semi-naked slumber. The room reeked of an intoxicating sex aroma that
immediately had me getting excited. Add the fact that Kerri was in a pink
sheer lace ‘fuck me’ teddy. Gliding around the room, almost teasingly,
Kerri showed every part of her sexy body to me. The extreme glow on her
face was infectious. It was astonishing how sexually hot Kerri was and how
she got me very turned on. When Brit awoke, we made idle conversation. It
was a little weird being totally naked with my lover, but the radiance from
Kerri made both of us totally comfortable. In her extreme sensual nature,
Kerri found two different erotic outfits for Brit and I to wear. They were
sheer black and white one-piece outfits. I took the white and gave Brit the
black one. The material barely covered our pussies and breasts. Both of our
asses were totally exposed, to the delight of all three of us. Kerri turned
on some seductive music and lit several aromatherapy candles. Dancing
around the room, she playfully teased Brit child preteens lolitas raygold
and I. Like an erotic dancer,
Kerri air-fucked her pussy in front of our noses. Staring into her yo pre teeen lolita pink
covered pussy, I could see the moisture seeping through her outfit. She was
extremely aroused. On a slow air-fuck motion to my face, I kissed her
pussy. That sent ls lolita pictures preteen
her over the edge as she moaned loudly. We took turns
dancing in front of each other. On Brit’s turn, Kerri grabbed her ass and
slid her tongue into her pussy lips.”Mmm… she is very sweet.” She told me sticking her tongue out at me.I locked lips with her and licked her tongue with mine. Brit moaned
loudly. Kerri’s finger had penetrated her folds as we were tongue
fucking. The heat in the apartment was approaching hell… we needed to
remove our clothes. Each one of us my brother paulolino basa was put between the others and the
erotic clothes were removed. Fingers found holes and entered freely. When
we were all naked, Kerri took us to her huge bed and child preteens lolitas raygold produced a huge
fucking purple dildo. Giving it to me, she got into a position to allow
Brit and I to fuck her. It was amazing as the extremely fat dildo
disappeared between Kerri’s pussy lips.”Oh… my… sweet… oooohhhh…” she called out very vocally.Brit and I took turns burying the purple monster in her very accepting
pussy.”Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….Fuck!!!…” Her screams echoed over and over.Wow, this woman was a screamer. She was extremely vocal and absolutely lost
in orgasm-land. Back and forth, Brit and I pleasured Kerri with her purple
pussy eater. Pulling it all the way out, I forced the cum-coated monster as
far in as it would go.”Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!!!” Her legs bent backwards while she screamed.I proceeded to fuck her hard and long with the lolita girls in panties monster. My arms were
getting tired of fast fucking her and Brit took over as I watched and
rested. Kerri could take an incredible fucking and she could cum! Wave
after wave, she screamed and flooded her bed. One final wave, Brit fucked
her deep and when she exploded, the dildo was pushed as deep as it could go
until Kerri’s earthquake subsided. We both withdrew the toy and Kerri
rested comatose on the bed. While she relaxed, Brit was deep-throating the
dildo. She handed it to me, I tried to do the same, but I just didn’t have
the jaw for it. There was still Kerri juice on it and lollita nymphet girl vaginas
it was extremely
sweet. Brit mentioned that she thought it was as sweet as my cum. I blushed
and she went real russian lolita action to my pussy to taste.”Yup…Mmmm… I need more taste though.” Brit had found my clit and was
working away.She licked my pussy as my legs spread open as much as possible. Her tongue
ravaged me and brought me to a very pleasant orgasm.”Ooohhhhhhhhhhh….”I returned the favor and ate her pussy to a nice pleasant orgasm. We
continue eating pussy back and forth for a while. Being very wet, Brit got
into a position to have our pussies mate together. Splitting our legs open,
we brought our pussies together and pressed them into a sloppy wet
kiss. Gyrating our hips, we proceeded to fuck each other. In this position,
we could open our pussy folds and have both bare pussy lips and clit
tasting each other. I barely moved my hips; Brit was more aggressive. It
was incredible. The moaning and groaning was getting louder with each
passing second. The sloshing sounds of our pussies were thunderous and the
aroma permeated the room. I was cumming in no time. Brit was right behind
me as she let her cum juice explode into my pussy. Both pussies were
spitting milky cum juice into each other’s lips.”Aaaaaaaaarrgg…” we both moaned.We didn’t stop either. We just kept humping our pussies together through
the orgasm and let the feelings take over. I could look into Brit’s eyes as
she fucked me. She looked into my eyes as I fucked her and love was
radiated back and forth. The glow from both of us was as bright as the sun
coming in the window. We hump-fucked forever. It was so intense and
powerful that I don’t remember when we dissolved into exhaustion. I think
we both passed out. I awoke to Brit trying to move her leg around me. Our
pussies were literally glued to each other. It was very sticky from all the
cum were shared. Kerri was still fast asleep on the bed. Not to disturb
her, we made our way into the shower together. It was good clean sexual
fun. We kissed, sucked on each other’s breasts and fingered a little. But
we really cleaned up. It was time to get ready to go home. Part of me
wanted to stay with Kerri… but my life was with Brit. Maybe there would
be a time that we could visit with models lolitas photo gallery Kerri in the future.”Mind if I join you?” Kerri called from behind the shower curtain.”Yes! Please!” I called.The shower was big, but three people made it a little tight. We washed
Kerri up…of course sucking on her breasts, kissing and fingering yo pre teeen lolita as
well. We brought her to another orgasm in the shower. Because we were all
distracted, we had to finish washing up in cold water. But that didn’t
dampen the sexual spirits that enveloped us. It was a intense experience.We dressed and Kerri went with us to the airport. On the way there she told
us about her sexual experiences and how she had a female lover for many
years. We exchanged information with each other and promised to get
together again and again. It was sad to watch her as we headed to the gate
at the airport, but it was great to feel the love from Brit. This was going
to last.Sitting at the gate basking in the glow of our committed relationship
together, Brit leaned over and whispered in my ear.”Ready to join the mile high club?” She licked my ear when she finished.Astonished at her naughtiness, I turned to look at her. She opened her
small carry-on bag to show me two small jelly dildos. They were long and
thin with a curve at the head. I was flabbergasted.Laughing at my condition, Brit kissed me.”Kerri gave them to me for use on the plane.” She told me beaming. “It was
a going away present she picked up last night.”I hugged Brit tight.Walking onto the plane with an extreme naughty glow on little lolita art bbs
our faces, we must
have told the whole plane that were up to something…
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